MathLib.Point is MathLib's implementation of points (by now only for two dimensional points). The function expects one argument, the array of entries of the . \[ \text{MathLib.Point}([a_1, a_2, \dots, a_n]) = \begin{pmatrix} a_1 \\ a_2 \\ \vdots \\ a_n \end{pmatrix} \]


// The point with entries (1, 2) // can be constructed in two ways: // The homogeneous coordinates as array var v = new MathLib.Point([1, 2, 1]); // or the normal coordinates. var v = new MathLib.Point(1, 2);


The function MathLib.Point.
The dimension of the point.
The number of entries in the vector.
The string "point".


Static methods

The cross ratio of four points.
The Point (-i, 0, 1).
The Point (i, 0, 1).