MathLib.Conic is MathLib's implementation of conics. In Mathlib a conic is the set of solution of the following equation (x,y,z are projective coordinates). x y z a b d b c e d e f x y z = 0 or written out ax2+bxy+cy2+2dx+2ey+f2=0 You construct a conic by giving the constructor the parameters in form of a matrix: var conic = new MathLib.Conic([[a, b, d], [b, c, e], [d, e, f]]); If the conic is degenerated you should provide a second argument, containing the matrix of the dual conic.


The function MathLib.Conic
The dual matrix.
The primal matrix.
The string "conic"


Draws the Conic.
Calculates the eccentricity of a conic.
Checks if a conic is degenerated.
Checks if a conic is equal to an other conic.
Calculates the latus rectum of a conic.
Calculates the linear eccentricity of a conic.
Calculates the two meeting points of a conic and a line or the four meeting points with an other conic.
Calculates the normal form of a conic.
Splits a degenerated conic into two lines.

Static methods

Calculates a conic through five given points.