MathLib.Circle is MathLib's implementation of circles. The function expects two arguments, where the first is the center in the form of an Array or a MathLib.Point. The second argument should be the radius of the circle. // the circle with its center in the point (3, 4) and radius 2. var c1 = new MathLib.Circle([3, 4], 2); // the same circle var c2 = new MathLib.Circle(new MathLib.Point(3,4), 2); As always MathLib does not check if your inputs make sense; it assumes they do. For example, MathLib will not prevent you from using a negative number as radius.


The center of the circle as MathLib.point
The function MathLib.Circle
The radius of the circle
The string "circle"


Calculates the area of a circle.
Calculates the circumference of a circle.
A compare method for circles.
Draws the circle.
Decides wether a point lies in, on, or outside the circle.
Decides whether two circles are equal.
Reflects the circle at a point or a line.
Returns a LaTeX representation of the circle.
Returns a matrix representation of the circle.