Polynomials demo


This demo shows the two main ways to construct polynomials: with the coefficients or with the roots. Furthermore the polynomial can be integrated, differentiated and plotted.
Matrices demo


The matrix module is far to big to show all of it's methods in one demo. Therefore I selected some of the most common operations: determinant, rank, trace and the reduced row echelon form.
MathML demo


MathML is a way to store mathematical formulas. It comes in two flavours: content MathML (which encodes the meaning of the formula) and presentation MathML (with which yo can describe how the formula should be rendered). This demo show how MathLib can parse content MathML and create presentation MathML.
regression demo

Regression and Interpolation

This tool helps you to find a linear regression through some data points. Alternatively it can calculate the interpolating polynomial.
plotting demo


Last but not least: the plotting of mathematical functions on a canvas or with SVG. The plots are interactive, as they can be zoomed and moved.